The Builders

One of the surprise pleasures of building Mountain Water has been the crews coming to work at the different phases of construction. Their skill, humor, and friendliness have been a continual delight. Last summer, the concrete pour was an all-hands-on-deck production with Jeff Reynolds overseeing his workers with a command that was playful yet sage-like.


Since the beginning, Rick Jennings, our trusty contractor, has been a knowledgeable advisor, meticulous in his attention to detail. He and his crew show up like clockwork early every morning and work through the day. Each day they leave behind a neat and orderly work site. Now, with winter in full blast, they continue even when the temperatures are in the low teens. We’ll all be glad when the building is completely closed in and insulated!

Join The Crowd: Building Mountain Water

Over the past year or two, an intrepid and creative group of nine investors (individuals and couples) have come together to raise over 2/3 of the needed funds for Mountain Water's infrastructure.  Now we are expanding the circle and inviting our community - all those who are curious about the confluence of art and meditation practices - to join us in building Mountain Water.  

There are two ways to contribute: first, if you are in or around Boulder, Colorado, please join us on October 22, 2017 for a crowd funding party.

Second, while you are here, make a contribution online.  Either way, you can opt to receive a hand-painted invented landscape post card as a token of our sincere thanks!

Invented Landscape post card painting by Robert Spellman.

Invented Landscape post card painting by Robert Spellman.