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The owners of Mountain Water Ranch also have a small, interdependent press publishing works of fine writing & fine art that celebrate the enspirited land — in books and magazines. We call it an interdependent press because we are fashioning a new collaborative model of publishing with artists, authors, and printers and exploring what that means. We see the press as an extension of the pedagogical influence of Mountain Water — its development as the union of art, meditation, and place. We expect a written and visual bounty to develop from those who find creative refuge here. 




Mountain Water Press produces magazines on occasions and whim, on a schedule that evolves with fortuity, and always with an eye toward the discovery of abundant ordinary richness.

An0An (pronounced AH-no-wan) is an Ephemeron of pictures and notes from sketchbooks seen anew in a handsome magazine format. Designed by Joan Anderson, each edition includes work from her voluminous sketchbooks, along with contributions from guest artists. While the descriptions following are excerpts from the issues, the main content is visual. Enjoy full previews and purchase copies here.



Some of the work is literary, some is visual, some comes from the experience of many years of teaching and studio work. Anything that shares our enthusiasm for propagating — through written, typographical, and visual language — ART as radical kindness, BEAUTY as whatever expresses its essential nature, HUMOR as the aerial view, and the restoration of CHAOS to its original meaning of primordial gap, vanguard of wonder.

Our latest publication – and our first novel – is the inimitable Quarry by Meredith Ann Fuller, illustrated by Joan Anderson. We are pleased to announce that Quarry was selected as one of The Kirkus Review's 100 Best Indie Books of 2017; and 1 of only 8 fiction works selected!

Please consider ordering Quarry from MW Press. Please consider ordering Quarry from MWP


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