New Address

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We did not realize addresses are not offered to land. (Land has a description, for example: T25S, R69W, S34: NE ¼; S27: S ½, SE ¼.) A building, or more particularly, a house, has an address. Mountain Water, at last, has an address: 2881 County Road 625.

As soon as our address was issued by the county, we bought the numbers for a sign—4” plastic with a reflective white surface and black trim. The sign was a rush job—a holiday gift that couldn’t be delivered to a post office box was on its way. Plywood, four feet by two feet, to span the gate uprights; white primer; a gold rectangle to contrast with the white numbers; voilá!


Except, when viewed from the road, the numbers were nearly microscopic. Before we could remedy the situation, we saw the Fedex truck approaching. The test! Would the driver see the sign, read the numbers? Sort of. After driving by, turning around somewhere up the road out of sight, he returned slowly down the road. Then, didn’t he turn in, open the gate, and drive to the building (which is still very much under construction)! And thanked us for our identifying sign. We told him he’d made history—Mountain Water’s first Fedex delivery! Still, we’ll be working on that sign very soon.

Location address: Mountain Water Ranch, 2881 CR 625, Gardner, CO 81040

Mailing address: P. O. Box 194, Gardner, CO 81040